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Robert Dudley

Docent since 2014

The idea that this art was created to help people become enlightened is always at the foundation of my tours, which regularly include stories and legends of the Buddha and various deities.

I have always been interested in Buddhism, and became a member of the Rubin Museum when it opened. After going on many wonderful tours with docents, I decided I would like to lead tours also, so I began volunteering and entered the docent training program. Since then, I’ve had some great moments. Once, I was in the middle of trying to explain the sculpture Vajradhara with Consort and, as luck would have it, a Mongolian Buddhist monk came walking by with a friend I knew. I asked if he could help us understand the sculpture. He proceeded to give a little talk about selflessness, and putting other people before yourself. The direct simplicity, heartfelt warmth, and compassion made it a stunningly beautiful teaching for everyone. Everyone was very touched and humbled.

Typically leads tours:

Thursday and Saturday afternoons

Favorite tour themes:

Stories and legends of the Buddha and various deities are always a part of my tours. I originally created a Female Buddhas tour, which has expanded in many ways to include discussions of deity yoga, enlightenment, tantra, and the life of the Buddha. My tours can also lead to discussions of the Lukhang Murals including all of the above topics, as they are murals depicting the most advanced Tantric practices of Vajrayana Buddhism, painted in what is now known as “The Dalai Lama’s Secret Temple”.

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