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  • Rubin Museum of Art Digital Community Guidelines

The Rubin Museum builds mindful, personal connections to the art and ideas of the Himalayas, with the help of an engaged community. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of different perspectives and ideas by offering an inclusive, respectful, and safe environment for all. We believe that purposefully provocative questions and civil conversations, online and off, are possible and more important than ever.

In order to maintain a welcoming environment for all community members, we maintain guidelines for our website and social media pages that are informed by the Rubin’s values. These values are respect, empathy, compassion, collaboration, perceptiveness, resourceful creativity, and meaningful engagement with art.

We may delete, block, or report users who:

  • Demonstrate a lack of empathy or respect for other viewpoints
  • Use hateful language, harassment, profanity, threatening language, or malicious speech regarding gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, ethnic origin or race, personal appearance, or ability; suggest or encourage illegal activities
  • Share spam or fraudulent links; copy and paste or duplicate repetitive posts by a single or multiple users
  • Troll or appear to post deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track
  • Share advertisements, personal promotion, solicitations, or commercial postings
  • Post personal information about other community members or Museum staff; impersonate a Museum staff member, creator, or community member
  • Share private correspondence between the user and the Rubin Museum

For privacy reasons, we cannot use our public social media forums to resolve individual issues and may request that you email us.

Contact us

If you have an issue, question, or suggestion, please email us at

Thank you for being a part of our community and engaging in thoughtful, respectful dialogue on our web and social media channels!