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Salil Subedi

Reimagine: Himalayan Art Now

March 15–October 6, 2024

Photo by Arjun Rai


Salil Subedi (he/him)

b. 1976, Terhathum, Nepal; lives and works in Kathmandu, Nepal

Visionary performing artist Salil Subedi stands as Nepal’s pioneering didgeridoo and murchunga player and overtone throat singer. His artistic brilliance effortlessly inspires and uplifts audiences, spreading joy and hope. Collaborating with diverse musicians, from Mongolian throat singers to rock and meditative artists, Salil’s music transcends boundaries. Through environmental theater, he passionately advocates for wildlife and nature conservation. The artist’s commitment to community engagement led him to pioneer Nepal’s first mobile radio unit, preserving traditional songs and sayings in rural Himalayan and Terai regions. As a writer and art critic, he has extensively covered Nepalese arts, curated exhibitions, and presented papers in folklore and theater seminars. Performing at breathtaking altitudes in the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas, Salil Subedi’s artistic odyssey promises innovative sound, music innovations, and captivating storytelling in both performances and literature. Didgeridoo & Overtones marks a humble yet vibrant debut solo album, embracing the endless possibilities of unique collaborations.




For Reimagine: Himalayan Art Now, Salil Subedi curated a playlist that acts as a musical caravan transporting the cultures of Nepal and Tibet, amplifying their respective musical histories across generations of musicians from the region.


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