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  • Spiral Magazine - The Future is Fluid

Spiral is a free publication from the Rubin Museum of Art. Our 2018 issue, available here and in print, accompanied our yearlong exploration of the future. We invite you to consider a future that isn’t fixed but fluid, as artists, neuroscientists, Buddhist practitioners, writers, and illustrators offer their perspectives on time.

Westworld and Hidden Treasures
Neuroscience Meets Westworld
Wizard. Tantric Master. Guru.
The Approach: How Time Feels
How Dogs Tell Time
Everyone’s View of the World Is Different
Face of the Future
Virtual Reality is Buddhist: An Interview with Shezad Dawood
David Eagleman: On Time
Time on Retreat
Doing Time
Time in Space
Birth. Death. Repeat: Kalachakra, Shambhala, and the Future
As Above
Time, Like Water
Because the Present Isn’t Enough: James Gleick on Time Travel
Time Makes For Dramatic Effect
Re-Figuring the Future with Morehshin Allahyari
The Three Times
Finding Freedom in Time

We would like to thank the many people who have made this publication possible. For a full list of acknowledgments, click here. You can also enjoy Spiral as a PDF.

The Future is made possible by Bob and Lois Baylis, Rasika and Girish Reddy, Shelley and Donald Rubin, Ann and Matthew Nimetz, and The Ellen Bayard Weedon Foundation.