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  • Spiral Magazine - The World is Sound

Spiral is a free publication from the Rubin Museum of Art. The first issue, available here and in print, accompanied our exhibition The World Is Sound, amplifying its themes and going a bit further afield. Scholars, scientists, writers, artists, and practitioners share their expertise on sound—how it envelops us and impacts our lives.

The Cosmic Drone
Composing a Life
The Soundscapes of India
One Verse: A Chorus of Light and Sound
Sensing the Sound Web
Music, Molecules, and the Middle Way
Listening and Liberation: The World Is Sound
Notes on Notation
The Wisdom of Silence (and Chocolate)
On Listening
The Power of Listening
Mediated Voices
Auditory Choreography in Taiwan
The Ear of the Beholder
Cymatics: Sound Science of the Future
Hearing in Three Dimensions

We would like to thank the many people who have made this publication possible. You can also enjoy Spiral as a PDF.