The Rubin is transforming. Read important updates from our Executive Director.

The Rubin Museum presents free acoustic music every Wednesday evening from 6:00­”“9:00 p.m at the base of our spiral staircase.

Artists who specialize in music from the Himalayas and South Asia are invited to forge a connection between their music and the art in the galleries.

Additionally, guests can unwind during Himalayan Happy Hour and enjoy with special menu discounts.

See the recent article about Spiral Music in The New York Times here!

Below you’ll find a list of performers who joined us in 2014:

1/8/14 Max ZT (dulcimer) + Dave Eggar (cello)

1/15/14 Sana Nagano (violin) + Harvey Valdes (oud)

1/22/14 Jiaju Shen (pipa) + Brandon Terzic (oud)

1/29/14 Dhrubesh Regmi (sitar), Steve Gorn (bansuri) + guest

2/5/14 Roshni Thompson (tabla) + Eric Fraser (bansuri)

2/19/14 Steve Booke (guitar) + Abhik Mukherjee (sitar)

2/26/14 Ehren Hanson (tabla) + Camila Celin (sarod)

3/5/14 Tomoko Sugawara (kugo) + August Denhard (lute)

3/12/14 Brandon Terzic (oud) + Kane Mathis (kora)

3/19/14 Diego Campo (guitar) + Zafir Tawil (percussion)

3/26/14 Gian Luigi Diana (sitar) + Jeremy Singer (tabla)

4/2/14 Masaya Ishigure

4/9/14 Dawoud (sitar) + Jimmy Lopez (percussion)

4/16/14 Nana Simopoulos (sitar) + Café Da Silva (percussion)

4/23/14 Steve Gorn (bansuri) + Shivalik Ghoshal (tabla)

4/30/14 Tomchess (oud) + Ravi Padmanabha (tabla)

5/7/14 Sundar Das (bansuri) + Anjana Roy (sitar)

5/14/14 Jameh Daran

5/21/14 Max ZT (dulcimer)

5/28/14 Ehren Hanson (tabla) + Abhik Mukherjee (sitar)

6/4/14 Fabrizio Brua (sitar) + Polash Gomes (tabla)

6/11/14 Anjana Roy (sitar) + Polash Gomes (tabla)

6/25/14 Tomchess (oud) + Akiko Sasaki (koto)

7/9/14 Gian Luigi Diana (sitar) + Tripp Dudley (tabla)

7/16/14 Steve Booke (guitar) + Abhik Mukherjee (sitar)

7/23/14 Kane Mathis (kora) + Luke Notary (percussion)

7/30/14 Jimmy Lopez (percussion) + Joe Tisdall (guitar)

8/6/14 Max ZT (dulcimer)

8/13/14 Roshni Thompson (tabla) + Camila Celin (sarod)

8/20/14 Tsukumai – Sumie Kaneko (koto, shamisen, vocal) + Nobuko Miyazaki (shinobue/flute)

8/27/14 Indrajit Roy-Chowdhury (sitar) + Sanjib Pal (tabla)

9/3/14 Nana Simopoulos (sitar) + Café Da Silva (percussion)

9/10/14 Yael Acher-Modiano (flute) + Jacob Melchior (percussion)

9/17/14 Premabhumi Duo – Gian Luigi Diana (sitar) + Tripp Dudley (tabla)

10/1/14 Brandon Terzic (oud) + Kane Mathis (kora)

10/8/14 Tomchess (oud, ney) + Mimi Jong (zhong)

10/15/14 Max ZT (dulcimer)

10/22/14 Dawoud (sitar) + Jimmy Lopez (percussion)

10/29/14 Steve Gorn (bansuri) + Ehren Hanson (tabla)

11/5/14 Roshni Thompson (tabla) + Camila Celin (sarod)

11/12/14 Steve Booke (guitar) + Camila Celin (sarod)

11/19/14 Anjana Roy (sitar) + Polash Gomes (tabla)

12/3/14 Jiaju Shen (pipa) + Yuda Deng (guitar)

12/10/14 Tsukumai – Sumie Kaneko (koto, shamisen, vocal) + Nobuko Miyazaki (shinobue/flute)

12/17/14 Chris Merwin (shakuhachi)