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The Rubin Research

  • Spiral Magazine – Impermanence

Spiral is a free publication from the Rubin Museum of Art. Our 2020 issue, available here, in print, and on Issuu, accompanied our yearlong exploration of impermanence. We invite you to engage with change, as artists, writers, scientists, activists, playwrights, and more offer their perspectives on impermanence.

The Way of the Cosmos
By Caleb Scharf
Impermanence Can Set Us Free
By John Dunne
The Returned: When Death Is Not the End
By Elena Pakhoutova
Aromatic Landscape
By Saskia Wilson-Brown
I Love You, I Love You Not
By Natasha Scripture
A Manual for the Momentary: DIY Rituals from Reimagine End of Life
A Stunning Spectacle of Astonishing Things Happening
Peter Sellars and Howard Kaplan
Ocean View
By Stefani Kuo
Intangible Connections Between You and Me: An Interview with Lee Mingwei
Lee Mingwei and Christine Starkman
Sacred Threads
By Ann Shaftel
We Are All Steadily Heading Toward Death: Taryn Simon and Photography
By Christine Starkman
Life, Interrupted
By Minna Packer
Buddhist Texts
By Howard Kaplan
Change and Continuity: Contemplating Impermanence
By David Nichtern
Green Remains
By S. Brent Plate
A Royal Duel in the Natural World
By Julia Tejada
My Spiritual Practice and the Climate Crisis
By Karenna Gore
My Spiritual Practice and the Climate Crisis
By Jungwon Kim
My Spiritual Practice and the Climate Crisis
By Bishop Marc Andrus
My Spiritual Practice and the Climate Crisis
By Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
My Spiritual Practice and the Climate Crisis
By Thanissara Mary Weinberg

We would like to thank the many people who have made this publication possible. For a full list of acknowledgments, click here. You can also enjoy Spiral as a PDF.