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The Fountain

Cabaret Cinema: Time

Friday, April 6, 2018
9:30 PM–11:00 PM

2006, Darren Aronofsky, USA, 96 min.

Introduced by neuroscientist Dino Dvorak with a video introduction by Hugh Jackman.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Past, present, future. Through time and space, one man embarks on a bold thousand-year odyssey to defeat humankind’s most indomitable foe: death. Hugh Jackman plays that man, devoted to one woman (Rachel Weisz) and determined to protect her from forces that threaten her existence. His quest leads him to a Tree of Life—and to an adventure into eternity.

“At heart, this is a simple Zen fable about love and death. In execution, it’s a complex and gorgeous mini-epic with sterling performances from its two stars.”

—Helen O’Hara, Empire


About Cabaret Cinema: Time

Curated by Rubin Museum fellow and neuroscientist David Eagleman, Cabaret Cinema delves into the mysteries of time. Aside from their listed duration, movies often carry us through periods far beyond the minutes that pass as we sit in a theater. The narrative compulsion of “what happens next” can suspend time, be warped through sudden flashbacks, and inspire us to imagine a future beyond the two-dimensional celluloid. What does the world of cinema reveal about our experience of time?



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About the Introducer

Dino Dvorak, PhD is a neuroscientist, biomedical engineer, and entrepreneur. He currently works as a postdoctoral associate at NYU’s Center for Neural Science. He investigates the role of brain oscillations in normal brain function and cognitive disorders such as schizophrenia and autism using advanced computational methods for functional brain imaging and data processing in combination with biomedical instrumentation. Dino’s latest research is focused on the role of brain oscillations in memory encoding and recollection in relation to autism. Dino’s entrepreneurial activities revolve around mental wellness; he develops smart wearables for the effective learning of meditation.


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