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Mindfulness Meditation

With Jon Aaron

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
1:00 PM–1:45 PM

A meditation session led by Jon Aaron.

Himalayan practitioners have, for centuries, used meditation to quiet the mind, open the heart, calm the nervous system, and increase one’s ability to focus. Now, western scientists, business leaders, and the secular world have embraced meditation as a vital tool for brain health.

Whether you’re a brand-new beginner, a dabbler, or a skilled meditator seeking the company of others, join expert teachers in a 45-minute weekly program designed to fit into your lunch break. Each session will be inspired by a different work of art from the Rubin Museum’s collection, and will include an opening talk, a 20-minute sitting session, and a closing discussion. Chairs will be provided.

Presented in partnership with Sharon Salzberg and the New York Insight Meditation Center.

Related Artwork

Green Tara, Tibet; 13th century; Brass with inlays of silver; Rubin Museum of Art C2005.16.30 (HAR 65453)
Green Tara, Tibet; 13th century; Brass with inlays of silver; Rubin Museum of Art C2005.16.30 (HAR 65453)

Theme: Fearlessness

This incredible 13th century sculpture of Green Tara from Tibet displays all the classic traits of this popular Buddhist goddess. Dressed as an Indian princess, she sits in the fluid pose of royal ease suggesting her active and helping nature. One of her origin stories says that Green Tara was a beautiful princess who through her fearlessness and commitment to helping 100,000 beings a day became a Bodhisattva. She vowed to always be reborn as a woman to reach as many beings as possible. The head of her Buddha family is Amoghasiddhi who exemplifies fearlessness. Green Tara also has this quality of fearlessness since despite all the suffering in the world, she remains full of compassion and equanimity. The grace of her pose reminds us to remain fearless despite all challenges we that we in our lives.

About the Speaker

Jon Aaron teaches at the New York Insight Meditation Center, and is the guiding teacher of the Makom Meditation Havurah program at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. He is a certified teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and has taught over 40 cycles of the seminal curriculum. He is a co-founding member of New York Mindfulness Meditation Collaborative. He has completed the Integrated Study and Practice Program at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, as well as the Foundations in Buddhist Contemplative Care program with the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care and continues his studies in non-dual traditions with his primary teacher Matthew Flickstein. He is also certified in Somatic Experiencing.