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Ever taken a slow walk through the Rubin’s galleries on a date? Or maybe you’ve had a romantic cocktail at the K2 Lounge before dimming the lights for a Cabaret Cinema film screening?

For Valentine’s Day, we asked our visitors for their Rubin love stories. Here are some of our favorites:

Carmelo and Bryan

Carmelo was a self-proclaimed “terrible dater.” Fortunately, when it came time to choose a place to meet his date Bryan for the first time, the Rubin was a “no-brainer!” The couple even celebrated their two year anniversary with a celebration at the Museum. You can read the rest of Carmelo’s story in his own words below:

The Rubin Museum is a phenomenal date place because of the K2 Lounge. We were engaged in great conversation, feeling good vibes, and the drinks were perfectly made, which helped us relax a little bit. We had our own little table and we weren’t disturbed by anybody. It was a busy night but it’s large enough that you feel like you have your own intimate space despite the fact that you might be surrounded by hundreds of people.

We enjoyed our drinks and then made our way up the stairs and took a tour, taking in the artwork, walking around”¦ the art really drew us in. Eventually we came across the Tibetan pulse reading area [part of the Rubin’s Bodies In Balance exhibition]. It taught you how to read a pulse with traditional Tibetan medicine. I was like “let me take your pulse” and it was a good excuse to touch him. I was reading the instructions, the pulse started to quicken, and that’s where we had our very first kiss.

We spent the next hour walking around hand in hand. We were there until closing time! Now it’s our second anniversary! We pass by the Rubin often and every time we’re like, “Oh it’s our place.” It always brings back nostalgic feelings. Now that I’m a member, I’ll definitely be visiting with Bryan more often.

Irene and Mike

On Museum Selfie Day, Irene shared a heartwarming photo with her partner Mike and Durga!

Wendy and Bernard

Our Facebook follower Wendy told us she found love at the Rubin. She even posted a cute cartoon for her beau!

From Newlyweds to Parents

Sometimes, visitors actually get married at the Rubin by renting out one of our halls for a reception. Recently, a couple who got married at the Museum returned to the Rubin with their child for a Family Sunday program—their family’s museum memories continue to grow.

True Love

And finally, one visitor reminded us that love takes many forms:

If you’re seeking love or just have a burning passion for art you might be able to find it at the Rubin! Grab a friend and join us for K2 Friday Nights: live music, free admission, and more every Friday.