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School Tour Themes

All About Buddha (All Grades)

Who was the man known as Buddha, and what were his teachings? On this tour, take a close look at artworks that illustrate the major tenets of Buddhism, which has influenced millions of people around the world.

Recommended workshop theme: Sacred Spaces

Animals (Grades K”“3)

Did you know animals play a strong role in Himalayan art and mythology? Find both familiar creatures and fantastical animal figures in our galleries and hear their legendary stories.

Recommended workshop theme: Sacred Spaces

How Is It Made? (All Grades)

Discover connections between art and history as you learn about different materials and techniques in the artwork at the Rubin Museum.

Recommended workshop theme: Artifact Investigation

What Is a Mandala? (All Grades)

Learn about the geometry and mathematical structures of the mandala, a representation of a celestial palace of enlightened beings and how they are used in Buddhist rituals.

Recommended workshop theme: 3-D Mandalas

Mindfulness (All Grades)

What does it mean to be mindful? Slow down and take a deep breath while contemplating the thoughtful look at artwork in the museum’s collection.

Recommended workshop theme: Material Mindfulness

Silk Road (Grades 3″“12)

How do ideas and aesthetic styles travel? Discover how trade routes through the Himalayan region impacted history, art, and the spread of Buddhism and other religions.

Recommended workshop theme: Journey Maps