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Get creative! Schedule an exciting hands-on workshop to enrich your group’s guided tour of the Rubin Museum of Art. During workshops students will further explore the symbolism, structure, and content of Himalayan art. Workshops can be scheduled before or after a guided tour and will expand on the ideas and themes discussed in the galleries.

Workshop Details

  • $150 per class: 32 students per class maximum (Fees for museum admission and guided tours are additional.)
  • Include family passes for complimentary future visit to the museum
  • 60 minutes long
  • Space for a 20 minute lunch break is available upon request.
  • All programs are subject to availability, so book early!

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**Please note: All workshops are now booked through March 2017.**

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Workshop Themes

Sacred Spaces (All Grades)

Inspired by the exhibition Sacred Spaces, students will explore culture and history through the variety of shrines around the world and by creating a personal shrine with clay and collage materials that reflects their own sacred and important space.

Recommended tour theme: All about Buddha: Stories and Teachings

Journey Maps (All Grades)

Students will explore the relationship between literacy and geography in scrolls and maps from the Himalayan region. They will use collage materials to create a map that shares a story and depicts a personal or sacred space.

Recommended tour theme: Silk Road: From China to the West

3-D Mandalas (All Grades)
Students will explore the relationship between math and art through Buddhist mandalas—geometric diagrams representing a symbolic palace. They will construct their own three-dimensional mandala sculpture using a variety of materials and make connections to traditional mandalas. Recommended tour theme: Mandalas: Symmetry and Symbolism

Artifact Investigation (Grades 5–12)

Students will use literacy skills to uncover the religious, artistic, and cultural meaning of works of art from our exhibitions and hands-on teaching collection. Scientific tools will be used to evaluate religious and cultural artifacts from the Himalayan region.

Recommended tour theme: Materials and Techniques: How Is It made?

Material Mindfulness (All Grades)

Students will use the scientific method to make thoughtful interactions through creation. They will participate in investigating objects and creating different forms of mediums, such as mixing powdered pigments to create paint.

Recommended tour theme: Mindfulness

Rain and Ritual (All Grades)

Inspired by the exhibition Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual, students will use science to explore how nature meets culture during the Nepalese monsoon season. Projects will include seasonal dioramas or scientific journals using mixed-media collage materials.

Season dioramas recommended for grades K5

Scientific journals recommended for grades 612

Recommended tour theme: Nepalese Seasons

For more information about workshops, email or call 212.620.5000 x295.

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