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  • Spiral Magazine – Healing Practices

Spiral is a free publication from the Rubin Museum of Art. Our current issue, available here, in print at the Museum or from our online shop, and on Issuu, offers insights into individual and collective modes of repair and recovery, exploring how we seek solace and undergo transformation.
On the Front Lines
Dr. Kunga Wangdue and Pema Dorjee interviewed by Michelle Bennett Simorella
Healing Takes Many Forms
By Tenzing Lhamo Dorjee
Place, Loss, Adaptation
By Sienna R. Craig
Healing through Movement
By Jessamyn Stanley
Mindful of Race
By Ruth King
Healing through Food
By Edward Espe Brown
In the Presence of Art
By Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha
Healing through Sound
By Phoenix Song
In the Forest of the Medicine Buddha’s Mandala
By Elena Pakhoutova
Everything Is Life: How Conscious Dying Can Be a Form of Living
Father Guidalberto Bormolini interviewed by Jon Pepper and Patrizia De Libero
Healing through Gathering
By K Scarry of The People’s Supper
At the Center of a Messy, Beautiful Existence
By Ingrid Clayton
Healing through Writing
By Tenzin Dickie
Breathing Is Fundamental
By Howard Kaplan
Healing through Plants
By Christopher Griffin and Puneet Sabharwal
Psychedelic Renaissance
By Teresa Tomassoni
Finding the Divine in a Creative Life
Allyson Grey interviewed by Teresa Tomassoni

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