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The holiday season is here! We’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the perfect present for every type of person. Whether you’re buying for your overworked friends or a new parent and the baby buddhas in your life, don’t worry, our guide has you covered.

All of the items below are available in our shop at the Museum and many are available for purchase online.

For the Yogi


“¢ Great Retreats Yoga (hardcover)

This beautiful collection of the most tranquil and scenic yoga retreats features an exotic luxury hotel in Bhutan, a spiritual ashram in India, a farmhouse in Tuscany, a beach resort in Mexico, and more. Simply browsing the pages of this book can bring about mental clarity and peace.

Available in our shop.
$19.99; 17.99 for Members

“¢ Yoga Mug

This mug isn’t just cute, it’s instructive too! The images that wrap around the outside of the mug detail over a dozen asanas and a chakra diagram.

Available in our shop.
$15.00; $13.50 for Members

“¢ Peaceful Ceramic Dish Collection

Simple and clean, these dishes will bring the calming aspects of yoga into the kitchen and home. Individually or as a set, they make a wonderful gift.

Available in our shop.
Om and Breathe Tumblers: $20.00; $18.00 for Members
Round dishes: $18.00; $16.20 for Members
Lotus plate $36; $32.40 for Members

“¢ Rubin Museum Yoga Mat

These chic yoga mats, each with a traditional Tibetan tiger rug motif, come in a variety of colors and are the perfect complement to any yogi’s practice! The beautiful designs are exclusive to the Rubin so you won’t find them anywhere else!

Available online and in our shop.
$75.00; $67.50 for Members

For the Workaholic

“¢ Real Happiness at Work (paperback)

Real Happiness at Work brings the profound benefits of meditation to an area where people could use it most: the workplace. And it’s written by one of the world’s leading meditation teachers, Sharon Salzberg. You can also consider gifting tickets to the Rubin’s Mindfulness Meditation programs, led by Sharon Salzberg and others from the New York Insight Meditation Center.

Available in our shop.
Paperback book: $13.95; $12.55 for Members
Learn more about Mindfulness Meditation.

“¢ Yoga Wisdom at Work (paperback)

Everyone knows that yoga helps reduce stress and increase the body’s flexibility and strength. But the physical aspects barely scratch the surface of yoga’s transformative powers. A good fit for the yogi or the workaholic, this book helps the reader discover how yoga’s ancient wisdom can transform life at work.

Available in our shop.
$15.95; $14.35 for Members

“¢ Singing Bowls

Meditation bowls are great instruments to guide meditation and promote relaxation and personal well-being. They make excellent gifts for friends and family members who could benefit from taking a few moments to pause and settle the mind.

Available in our shop.
Prices vary. Members receive a 10% discount

“¢ Motivational Mugs

Workaholics rely on tea and coffee to power through the day. Why not use a mug that brings positivity and calm into the workplace? Find this mug and others in our shop.

Available in our shop.
$15.00;$13.50 for Members

For the Urban Explorer

“¢ TheDalai Lama’s Secret Temple (softcover)

The secret chapel profiled in this book was reserved exclusively for the Dalai Lamas as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, and for centuries the murals within guided them in mystical contemplation. This awe-inspiring collection features 150 color photographs of the murals and their temple by Thomas Laird. Ian Baker’s text places these remarkable works within their historical and cultural context and is augmented by accounts from other Tibetan sources.

Available online and in our shop.
$34.95; $31.45 for Members

“¢ Tiger Rug

No tigers were harmed in the making of this rug! In fact, the 100% wool, hand-loomed rug was made by artisans in Nepal. This fun, colorful rug is perfect for the urban explorer in your life.

Available online and in our shop.
Approx. 38 x 26 inches.
$380.00; $342.00 for Members

“¢ Handmade Paper Mâché Noh Masks

These artisan handmade and hand-painted Japanese Noh masks make beautiful presents. Learn more about the history of the ko-omote mask (left) and the hannya mask (right) by following the links below.

Available online and in our shop.
Hannya mask: $170.00; $153.00 for Members
Ko-omote mask: $170.00; $153.00 for Members

“¢ Fantastic Cities ““ adult coloring book

This unique coloring book features immersive aerial views of real cities from around the world alongside gorgeously illustrated architectural mandalas. Artist Steve McDonald’s beautifully rendered and detailed line work offers bird’s-eye perspectives of visually arresting global locales from New York, London, and Paris to Istanbul, Tokyo, and Melbourne, and many more.

Available in our shop.
$14.95; $13.45 for Members

For Baby and Family

“¢ Sleepy-time Elephant Pillow

This cuddly guy is a shop favorite that is guaranteed to bring a bright smile to all! It’s the perfect naptime companion for children and adults alike.

Available online and in our shop.
$78.00; $70.20 for Members

“¢ Monkey Puppet and Doll

In 2016 people around the world are celebrating the Year of the Monkey. These adorable wool puppets are the perfect gift for the little monkeys in your life! The colorful critters are artisan-made with a commitment to fair trade in Tibet.

Available online and in our shop.
$42.00; $37.80 for Members

“¢ Wish: Wishing Traditions Around the World (hardcover)

This lively compilation of wishing traditions from around the world is sure to educate and inspire young readers! Each charming custom provides insight into the cultures of lands far and near while reminding us of the similarities we all share. It’s a perfect gift to promote gratitude, compassion, and curiosity.

Available in our shop.
$16.99; $15.29 for Members

“¢ Brave Parenting: A Buddhist-inspired Guide to Raising Emotionally Resilient Children

Parents today, often feel that their role is to protect children from the world: to cushion them when they fall, to lift them over obstacles, and to remove sharp rocks from their path. But controlling a child’s entire environment and keeping all pain at bay isn’t feasible. Instead, this book argues that it’s best to focus on preparing children for the world. This is a great guide for the ever-learning parent.

Available in our shop.
$17.95; $16.15 for Members

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