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The Rubin Museum of Art works closely with its corporate sponsors to craft a partnership that meets the company’s marketing and philanthropic needs while supporting the Museum’s mission. The Rubin Museum helps corporations increase brand awareness, build brand loyalty, expand its community, promote branded products, offer access to Museum content, provide one-of-a-kind client/employee entertainment events, among other benefits suited to the corporation’s marketing strategy and social responsibility mandate.

Through a combination of print, online, and mobile resources as well as special events and direct marketing opportunities, the Rubin Museum offers a platform for companies to reach diverse audiences and align themselves with the cross-cultural, global initiatives inherent in the exhibitions and programs at the Rubin Museum.

Both exclusive and shared sponsorship opportunities are available. Recognition and sponsorship benefits are determined by the level of sponsorship.

Exhibition Sponsorship

The Museum’s exhibitions serve as the foundation for all of its programs and educational activities. The exhibitions’ cross-cultural themes appeal to broad, diverse audiences, allowing individuals to explore the connections between the East and West, past and present.

View our upcoming exhibitions or contact the Institutional Giving office for more information.


Nicole Kotzen
Manager of Foundation and Government Giving
212.620.5000 x310

Program Sponsorship

The Rubin Museum offers “some of the most original and inspired programs on the arts and consciousness in New York City.”

—The Huffington Post

The Rubin Museum offers a wide selection of programs featuring some of today’s most exciting cultural thinkers, artists, and performers, who take the stage to explore Himalayan art as well as world cultures and traditions.


Brainwave is an annual innovative series of talks, film screenings, and performances that explore the brain and its connection to art, culture, health, and well-being with neuroscientists and luminaries from all walks of life. View Upcoming Events

K2 Friday Nights

Named for the second tallest free-standing peak in the Himalayas, K2 Friday Nights merge the Rubin’s unparalleled cultural experience with a lively weekend social scene, offering free admission, musical performances, films screenings, and thematic gallery tours in a lively atmosphere. View Upcoming Events

Live Music

Inspired by the exhibitions on view, the Rubin Museum’s varied live music program, presented in an acoustically magnificent theater, ranges from singer/songwriter and jazz concerts to experimental musical performances. Past programs have included Tibetan folk music, Indian classical music, folk, blues, and country, as well as multimedia presentations. View Upcoming Events


Each week the Museum presents classic films from around the world that explore themes featured in the galleries. Each film is introduced by a notable guest to provide context for exploring the film in new ways and in relation to the exhibitions on view. View Upcoming Events

Education Sponsorship

The Rubin Museum’s collection and attention to promoting global awareness of diverse cultural traditions make the Museum’s education programs particularly special. Education programs serve audiences as young as 2 years old as well as K-12 students, families, seniors, and adults. Through visual-thinking strategies, art making, and engaging discussion, the Museum provides diverse opportunities for learning and exploration.

School Programs

The Museum leads single session tours and workshops as well as in-depth, multi-week classroom engagements that integrate curriculum needs with arts appreciation and art making and align with the Common Core Learning Standards. Lessons are based on global studies, literacy studies, and math using the themes and ideas in the Museum’s exhibitions to enhance classroom learning. View Programs

Family Sundays

This new program is a weekly, drop-in art program for families to explore the objects and ideas in the Museum’s galleries. Multi-generational audiences come together to learn and explore the art and cultures of the Himalayas, India, and surrounding regions. View Upcoming Events

Senior Days

The first Monday of every month is Free Seniors Day at the Rubin, when older adults can enjoy free admission to the galleries, guided tours of exhibitions, and a writing workshop. View Upcoming Programs

Access Programs

The Museum has a diverse schedule of programs for individuals with special needs and disabilities, including a program for adults with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. View Programs


Nicole Kotzen
Manager of Foundation and Government Giving
212.620.5000 x310