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Craving a hearty bowl of Lamb Dizi, some scrumptious momos, or simply a cup of hot tea? Look no further than Café Serai. Selected as one of the best New York City museum restaurants, our Café has been a favorite dining and hangout spot for foodies, art lovers, meditators, and fans of Himalayan flavors.

Our café regulars put down their forks for a few minutes to tell us what keeps them coming back again and again. Look around during your next visit to Café Serai and you might recognize some of these faces.


Our friend Walker goes to school near the Rubin and often visits for a cup of tea with his buddy Will during their lunch break. Walker tells us that he prefers the Balance tea, while Will gets Healing Heavens. Walker recently brought other members of his family to the Rubin to try the tea offerings he loves so much!

Sue Kreitzman, Debra Rapoport, and Sandi Badash

“The Rubin is my happy place” says Kreitzman. She lives in London but comes to New York a few times a year and always checks out our exhibitions. Advanced Style documentary star Debra Rapaport recently joined her for a power lunch.

Edward Lin

“Café Serai is the ideal location for the meetup social group that I organize, Dharma Drink.” says Edward. “Every week our members come to the Café to meet other like-minded friends who are interested in Buddhism, meditation, yoga or just leading a compassionate lifestyle. It has become our regular, go-to-hang-out spot! I like trying the different seasonal beers. I advise first timers on the types of beverages to try, both alcoholic and non- and if they are hungry I recommend the momos.”

Sherry Mestel

“The Rubin is my second home,” says Museum member Sherry Mestel. “I’ve been a member here for years and I’m a regular in the Café. When people try to make plans with me, I let them know that I have a standing Wednesday appointment in Manhattan; I set aside most of the day to spend here at the Rubin. There’s something special about this Café and this museum. I find that the atmosphere is conducive to reflection and even healing.”

“The staff at Café Serai knows me well and they put together a great paneer dish for me. I get it almost every time I come here.”

Make sure to drop by for a bite or a drink the next time you’re in Chelsea.

Learn more about Café Serai and explore the menu.

Photo credit: Michael Palma (header photo), Carlos Andres Varela (food photos), Filip Wolak (photo of Edward Lin)