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If we are doomed no matter what, do our decisions matter? In this program, two self-proclaimed “bad Buddhists” try to answer the question of how to lose less badly and live ethically in the no-win situation of catastrophic climate change.

Wen Stephenson, author of What We’re Fighting for Now Is Each Other, wrote in a recent essay for The Baffler: “[Climate] doomists are right that it’s a no-win situation. [And yet] even at this late date, some versions of “˜losing’ could look far worse than others. We can still lose less badly!”

Echoing this sentiment, Roy Scranton, author of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, wrote in a recent tweet:

“If we are not careful, we will waste our energy trying to convince zealots, arguing over who is to blame, attacking our allies, and preaching to the choir, and the seas will rise all the same. Is this the best use of what little time we have? Or can we do something different?”

Look into the abyss with Scranton and Stephenson as they try make ethical sense of our collective catastrophe.