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As climate change is beginning to alter the planet before our eyes, two internationally recognized activists come together at the Rubin to discuss the economics associated with climate change, the role of First Nations in the climate movement, and the connections between violence against women and violence against the land.

Naomi Klein, the award-winning journalist, author, and Rutgers Gloria Steinem Chair of Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies, joins in conversation with rural development economist and Indigenous land rights activist Winona LaDuke. Drawing from their experience on the frontlines of the struggle for a more just and sustainable world, they delve into a host of related questions:

  • What is the best model of economic development?
  • What can we learn from First Nations about how to measure wealth, poverty, and equity?
  • What should the role of government be in confronting the causes of climate change?
  • What are the implications of the global frameworks proposed for decarbonization and forest protection?
  • What are the common themes and insights in the stories that women are voicing from the frontlines?