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The Rubin Research

  • K-12 Workshops

Get creative! Schedule an exciting hands-on workshop to enrich your group’s guided tour of the Rubin Museum of Art. During workshops students will further explore the symbolism, structure, and content of Himalayan art. Workshops can be scheduled before or after a guided tour and will expand on the ideas and themes discussed in the galleries.

Workshop Details

  • Workshops are only available on Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM
  • $200 per group ($175 for NYCDOE); 32 students per group maximum. (Fees for museum admission and guided tours are additional costs.)
  • 60 minutes long
  • All programs are subject to availability, so book early!

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Workshop Themes

3D Mandalas (All Grades Levels) How does math inform art making? Students will learn from design philosophies used to make Buddhist mandalas (geometric diagrams of celestial palaces) and explore the process of transforming two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional, architectural sculptures. This workshop is a favorite for classes interested in math, geometry, architecture, and design techniques.

Recommended tour theme: Mandalas

Sacred Earthly Realms of Paradises, Fourth Demo Rinpoche, Lotus Mandala of Hevajra, Four Mandalas of the Vajravali Cycle.

Brushstrokes with Buddha (Grade K-3)

Inspired by the ritual repetition of Buddhist and Hindu mantras, students will create art through experimentation with texture, gesture, and repetition. Develop a unique and expressive mark-making style using handmade tools. This workshop is geared toward classes related to mindfulness, emotive art, and written forms.

Recommended tour theme: All About Buddha

Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, Collected Work of Lochen Gyurme Dechen, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Treasure Revealer Terdak Lingpa.

Journey Maps (All Grade Levels)

How have movements, migrations, and journeys been depicted in art? Using scrolls, block prints, and maps from the museum’s collection as a point of inspiration, students will paint, draw, and sketch to probe the connections between narrative and geography. This workshop is great for classes interested visual literacy, human geography, storytelling, symbolism, and adventure through process-based art making.

Recommended tour theme: Silk Road

Mapping of Lhasa, Refuge Field, Kailash 75, Avadana Morality Tales.

Material Mindfulness (All Grade Levels)

How can art making cultivate mindfulness? Students will intentionally focus their bodies and minds through this process-driven workshop. Emphasizing the creative journey over the finished product, students will experiment with texture, form, consistency, and gesture by making free-form paintings from powdered pigments. This workshop aligns well with class curriculums that seek to incorporate mindful and meditative practices with their students’ learning.
Recommended tour theme: Mindfulness

Mapping of Lhasa, Refuge Field, Kailash 75, Avadana Morality Tales.

K-12 School Programs are supported by Agnes Gund and public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

For more information about workshops, email or call 212.620.5000 x215.

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