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Viewing All Talks Entries

Dr. Deepak Chopra + Dr. Tara Swart
June 24
Tanya Selvaratnam + Dr. Mark Epstein
May 13
Viswanathan Anand + Dr. Murali Doraiswamy
A free virtual program for healthcare providers
October 13
with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor + Dr. Jeffrey Rediger
April 13
DaRa Williams + Kamilah Majied + Willie Mukei Smith
July 24
Leadership and the Art of Growing Up
July 10
Bobbito Garcia with Kate Johnson
June 26
Lama Rod Owens and Kate Johnson
May 22
Jamia Wilson, Lisa Weinert, and Kate Johnson
May 15
Real Change: How Spirituality Can Power Activism
May 8
Spiritual Authority: Its Abuses and Uses
March 20
The Power to Overcome Challenges
March 13
Rites and Rituals
December 20
On Behalf of Nature
December 13
Land Rights and Climate Change
December 2
We Are Doomed. What Would Buddha Do?
December 1
Women in Leadership on Creating Change
November 30
Karenna Gore Hosts the Karma Series
October 12
with Schuyler Brown and A.T. Mann
August 31
with Charlotte Benson and A.T. Mann
August 24
With Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche and A.T. Mann
August 17
With Chokbar and A.T. Mann
August 3
Feminist Activists the Guerrilla Girls + Artist Chitra Ganesh
July 26
Chitra Ganesh + Mimi Mondal
July 20
Deepak Chopra + Swami Sarvapriyananda
July 6
Is Westworld Our Future?
May 10
The Elastic Mind + The Healing Self
April 12
The Now Is Not the Present Moment
March 23
The Science of Nostalgia
March 16
The Future of The Female Brain
March 2
Communicating with our Past Selves
February 23
Changing the Parenting Perspective
January 26
Brainwave: The Future Is Fluid
January 19
Brainwave: The Future Is Fluid
January 12
Sound and Healing
November 17
with Rosanne Cash and Sharon Salzberg
August 10
How Does Language Shape the Way You Think?
April 13
Can Parents Raise their Children to Think More Creatively?
March 30
Why do our Brains Allow us to Comprehend our Place in the Universe?
March 17
Why Does One Negative Moment Impact How We View the Whole Day?
February 3
How does your brain deal with competing priorities?
January 31
Celebrating 10 Years of Brainwave
On Rumi, Vulnerability, and Paths toward Integration
January 19
On Opera, Elastic Time and Perception
December 19
Fall Series Teaser
August 15
Individual Liberation and Social Transformation
August 10
Waking Up
November 5
Karma, Climate, Suffering and Surfing
October 2
Listening and Consciousness
February 21
Brainwave 2015
February 7
Brainwave 2015
January 28
Brainwave 2014
December 19
Artists on Art
October 17
Clemente X 8
October 5
Artists on Art
October 3
Artists on Art
September 26
Artists on Art
September 19
Panel Discussion
March 10
Russell Simmons + David Vago
March 3
Brainwave 2014
February 21
Brainwave 2014
February 19
Brainwave 2014
February 14